June 24, 2024

Jay Watch

Watching Classics with Jay Michaels

Welcome to Jay Watch, a collaboration between ACWTV and Jay Michaels, an esteemed college professor, independent stage & film producer, and entertainment aficionado. Together, we are dedicated to bringing the timeless magic of classic TV and films to viewers nationwide. Jay Watch curates a meticulously selected collection of hidden gems and overlooked masterpieces from the golden age of entertainment, ensuring that these beloved classics continue to captivate audiences for generations to come.

Hosted by Jay Michaels, Jay Watch offers a unique perspective on vintage entertainment. Our curated content transports you to a bygone era of creativity and storytelling, unlocking the nostalgia and enchantment of forgotten treasures. Discover bite-sized stand-alone videos on social media, providing quick doses of nostalgia, as well as captivating introductions to specific movies streaming on ACWTV channels like Classic TV and Film, YesterFear and Western TV & Movie Classics. Join us on this journey as we celebrate the icons and cultural touchstones that have shaped the world of entertainment.